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Ashley Hartwig in Prince Edward County

An Organized Mess

Life can be messy. Your home doesn’t have to be. 

Organizing zones and spaces has been something I have been doing since I was a young girl. Everything I owned had its place to the point where I considered myself mildly OCD. I was very particular of where everything was, so if my sister ‘borrowed’ something without telling me, I knew it was gone right away. We laugh about that now. My dad was the same way, and many people who know me also know I get my love for design and style from him. I love eclectic pieces that have a story behind them and start conversations. Vintage, 70s boho vibe is who I am, a free soul, a flower child. Everything you have should bring you love and peace. Each holding a purpose in your heart.

Meet Ashley

Professional Organizer with an Eye for Style

I studied Fashion Merchandising in 2006, which aligned with my eye for and sense of style…placing a wardrobe piece, colour accent or accessory to finish a look. I now use the same skills to make a room look and feel beautiful. Organizing and styling spaces—from entire rooms to cupboards and drawers in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or garages—is like merchandising, and when done right, creates beauty and a sense of calm when something is placed ‘just so.’


I have been decluttering and organizing professionally for the past seven years, helping individuals and families sort, purge, donate and place their items happily in their home. I provide storage solutions to create beautiful, organized spaces. Helping other people find love in their stuff has become my passion and makes my soul happy.


In 2018, my father passed away suddenly. Dealing with the loss and then with our father’s life belongings was impossibly difficult. I knew the 3 step drill—keep, donate or throw out—but I froze. Luckily, my sister and brother and I had each other for support and were able to take our time over the next month to appreciate the items that flooded us with memories as we parted with our father’s possessions. So, I understand and know what a person goes through when they have things out of place. 

We need our homes now more than ever to be our safe, comfortable and happy place so we can make memories with the ones we love. I'm here to help bring love and peace back into your life.

Professional Organizer Ashley Hartwig
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The First Step

How does it work? It's easy.


  1. Click the Book Now button below to schedule a free phone consultation.

  2. We discuss your project and needs when we connect on the phone.

  3. We arrange a date for your in-home consultation.

  4. We create a plan and schedule time to sort, declutter and organize

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Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Control life's mess.

Reinvent your space.
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What's Included?

What's included in an 'organizing life's mess' project? Lots!


  1. All communication—I'll text, call and email you between sessions to keep you on track and share solutions.

  2. Organizing solutions tailored to your space and specific needs.

  3. Hours I spend researching organizational and styling options for your space.

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