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Ashley's Organization Favourites

Now more than ever we need to have a system in our homes to organize our belongings. Using baskets, bins and containers helps simplify life. We then can enjoy the things that matter most. I've put a mood board together to help you organize the areas in your home, that might need a little love. Enjoy Ashley’s organization favourites. All can be purchased through amazon.


I don't know about you but I have a ton of jewelry...from costume pieces from my Oma to my favourite pieces I wear on a daily basics. I love to display my necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. It’s like art. Having the right organization for your precious bling is important. You want to display these pieces for you and everyone to see. It makes accessorizing an outfit easy when you have access the right pieces to go with it. I have two jewelry holders I recommend. One is used as a stand for bracelets and necklaces—easy to grab and a beautiful piece of art to look at. The second one is stackable trays for rings, earrings and anything else you want to keep tucked away and pull out when that special occasion arises. Both work well for displaying your precious stone, and metals.


When it comes to working from home now a days, we want to feel like we have our home office in line. We need a space where we not only work throughout the day but live in the same house. Having the right organization for paper work and office supplies is a must! You want to be able to see what needs to be done and have it at your finger tips. I love these gold wire baskets for loose papers that may need to be filed or paid—these baskets not only provide a solution but also look hip in your space. My second 'must-have' is for all your pretty pens, highlights, post-its! Having the variety of colours right in front of you to use. Make that work look pretty. My last pick has a multi-purpose use throughout your whole house. This cart comes in many colours but this matte blue has a cool tone about it that would bring organization to your home office. It's perfect to move around the home and also bring with you if you travel working as a freelancer or entrepreneur.


For me any sort of baskets and bins is my second language. They help keep everything neat and tidy. I usually find mine at Home Sense, or any thrift store. Your bathroom is a room that is supposed to feel tranquil and give you a sense of calmness and peace; it's also used by close family and friends when they're over. We want to make sure we have our personal products tucked away for a clear and clean space. Baskets are great for enclosed cupboards that we can then just pull out. Baskets work well for towels, hair products, makeup and anything else in between. The two different baskets I picked are both from amazon and easy to order to your door, for the crazy times we are in today. The first one is more of a stylish, printed fabric basket that you can mix & match with your sense of design in your safe haven. The second is a wicker style that goes with everything. Both provide simple storage solutions.


The kitchen is where most families spend their time together—cooking, eating, telling stories and cleaning up. If we create a system for everyone to be on the same page where everything goes, it makes it that much easier for everyone. We should know where everything is when we open a cupboard or drawer. It's really as simple as that. If we use clear containers or bins in our kitchens, it creates a visual picture of where we grab what we need. Seeing it and not searching for it. I love organizing clients kitchens! It brings so much joy to see the end result when the client is able to see where everything is and how it is categorized. I picked two different pantry bins to use for your kitchen. The first one is a clear bin. Easy to label and sort all of your groceries from snacks to drinks. You can use these in the fridge and cupboards for easy accessibility for the whole family to see and grab. The second one is a more industrial style, wire bin for pantry rooms. A grab and go style that makes everyone’s life that much easier.


I'm sure many of you reading this have kids and are always cleaning up after them. As someone who has worked as a Nanny for many years, I know what it is like to constantly be cleaning up. The kids come out to play, pull out all the toys, and in no time, the toys are all over the floor and the kids are onto the next activity. If we get our kids to help during the process of making it a 'task/job' for them, it gets kinda fun. Big baskets and little ones are key for the organization of different types of toys—everything from car baskets to lego and everything in between. If all the toys are designated to their own basket, it makes it fun and easy for the kids to help clean up! Labelling them helps too. Using visual pictures on each one rather than words helps with preschoolers to see what is in each basket. I have chosen two different baskets that are my favourites. The larger one can be used for stuffed animals and larger toys and the smaller one for little items. Both are cloth material and easy to move around the room or house for that matter.


We all have entrances in our homes where we come and go daily. Having an organized area where we keep our shoes, jackets, hats, bags, etc. is important for everyone’s sanity. We all hate a missing glove. If we use the right bins for our entryways, it makes it easier for everyone. Having designated areas for the kids to put their own stuff away each time they come in is key! Baskets, baskets and more baskets work best in this zone of the house. We all want to live a simpler life and if we are all on the same page, it makes it a lot better. I also picked a back of the door organizer for scarves or a purse—works great and is a grab and go solution. All three items are on amazon. Make the life you love as easy as...1,2,3 ♡

Hope this helps anyone looking for answers on how to sort zones in their home.

Peace & Love,

Ashley ♡

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